MBE Prep Test 3: Get Ready for Your Bar Exam 2019


This is the third BPH prep test for the MBE. This follows the same format as before, with 50 multiple-choice questions that are similar to what you may encounter in the actual MBE examination. The questions in this prep test consist of a mixed bag of all or most of the seven subject areas that are tested on the MBE. Although all of the 50 questions are multiple choice, a few of them may vary in written style or general format from the current style of the MBE questions. Those few are patterned on prior MBE examinations and, in the opinion of our experts, they retain some special learning advantage that is beneficial.

Remember that the actual MBE consists of 200 questions with a six-hour time limit. The MBE questions deal with seven legal practice areas and are based on principles of common law and Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (covering sales of goods), that apply throughout the United States. For the Evidence section, the Federal Rules of Evidence apply. For the new addition of Civil Procedure, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are applicable. The MBE questions are not categorized by subject matter and the seven subjects are distributed almost evenly throughout the examination. The MBE is divided into two sessions, with the first 100 questions administered in a three-hour morning session, and the second 100 questions administered in a second three-hour session during the afternoon.

The BPH program provides you with a series of sample tests that will help you to know the basic format and approach of the MBE questions. Our program also helps you to refresh your memory banks by reviewing hundreds of hypothetical problem-solving questions that require a knowledge of fundamental legal principles in order to select the correct answer. Remember that the MBE must be completed in six hours but the BPH prep tests, such as prep test three below, have no time restrictions. We believe that it is counterproductive at this time to have the pressure of time constraints. Now is your time to learn the ins and outs of the MBE with a well-rested and relaxed mind. Worries about performance that may be combined with a tired mind can unleash reservoirs of fuzzy thinking. That is also why we give you the hint section to assist generally in improving your confidence and taking the pressure off of the present exercise. These types of learning techniques have been shown to improve retention and logical thinking processes, thus improving one’s performance during the MBE itself.

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Official MBE Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions:200
Answer correctly to pass:120
Passing score:60%