MBE Prep Test 5: Get Ready for Your Bar Exam 2019


This is the fifth 50-question prep test in the BarPrepHero (BPH) free program that contains mixed subject matter questions. The questions, just like those in the MBE, are multiple-choice, consisting of a hypothetical fact situation accompanied by four possible answers. Just like in the MBE, there is only one acceptable answer, and the student must weigh the facts against the applicable fundamental legal principles in order to choose the best answer.

BPH believes in a non-pressured learning approach, and accordingly, it provides learning tools to enrich your experience. In addition, the course program is designed for increased reasoning abilities and not just memorizing legal rules. With the help of a short hint, the student can find the answer easier and make a quicker connection with the fundamentals of the exercise. In addition, whether your answer is correct or not, the ‘explanation’ section gives you a legal annotation for follow-up study. In most instances, you are directed to case law on the problem, and you can see how the courts go about reasoning the problem to a conclusion. They generally do this by viewing the critical facts, formulating the legal issue(s), and then applying the pertinent legal principles to resolve the problem. By studying relevant judicial opinions, you will take away not only a deeper understanding of the law but also of the motivating fundamentals that make the legal process work the way it does.

The official MBE test is of course less user-friendly than the BPH learning tests. The MBE administers a 200-question test, all multiple-choice, with a total time limit of six hours. Your BPH practice tests are not timed and are designed to be more flexible to the student’s needs. With the BPH learning tools, the learning process generally proceeds more rapidly. In addition, experience indicates better retention of legal principles, and even more importantly, an increase in the student’s legal reasoning processes.

You will find material in seven subject areas throughout the BPH prep tests. They are the same subjects that the MBE tests: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts. Remember that our goal right now is to have you enter the learning process in a relaxed, rested, alert and easy-going frame of mind, so as to maximize your focus and improve your retention levels. We wish you the best of luck in your challenging endeavor!

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Official MBE Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions:200
Answer correctly to pass:120
Passing score:60%