MBE Prep Test 6: Get Ready for Your Bar Exam 2019


Here’s our 6th BarPrepHero (BPH) prep test that contains 50 multiple-choice questions drawn from the types of questions administered in the official Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). These are updated for 2019 standards of the MBE. They intend to maximize your chances of passing the official examination. Note that a few of the questions are not set up with the hypothetical fact situations currently used in the MBE, but they have been retained due to their learning value.

The official MBE test will contain a total of 200 multiple choice questions on the following subjects: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts. The test is taken in two three-hour sessions of 100 questions each. There are several ways to study for this critical examination but we at BPH have found that the best way is to first prepare for your studies by having a refreshed mental set and getting a good night’s sleep. Emerging sleep studies emphasize time and again the decrease in intellectual performance that accompanies sleep pattern disruptions.

With that in mind, we administer a free program to help you get ready for the all-important MBE. Our prep tests, including this one, contain a hint in each question to help you work out your reasoning to arrive at the best answer. As you likely know by now, there is only one answer that is acceptable, and it is the student’s task to study the facts, identify the issues, and apply pertinent legal principles to find the best answer. We also include an explanation of the legal reasoning behind the correct answer, with citations to pertinent authority for you to follow-up and read.

Unless otherwise indicated, your answers in both the BPH tests and in the official MBE will depend on applying fundamental legal principles to the problem presented. Sometimes, you may determine that there is a majority rule and a minority rule. The majority rule will generally govern the answer, unless it was overturned by the highest appellate courts of the states or the nation, and replaced by a new principle that adjusts better to today’s societal values and needs.

BPH legal experts have prepared the questions to give you maximum learning potential. The pressure is kept down so that your focus and mental processes are working at full capacity. We are pleased to see you taking the Bar Prep Hero program and we wish you success in achieving your goals!

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Official MBE Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions:200
Answer correctly to pass:120
Passing score:60%